Best Halloween Costumes of 2016


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Best Costume Ideas For 2016

Suicide Squad


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This of course is a very popular pick, the great thing is there are so many options to choose from so it is ideal for individual or group costume ideas. For couples perhaps a combination of Harley Quinn which is really a skimpy outfit and a lot of black as well as blue and pink make and hair and of course her man the Joker the trick will be nailing the makeup that fluorescent green hair and that flashy purple coat of his.

The other options in this fun combo are Katana, a lot of costume shops are stocking up on her signature mask and do not forget her leather jacket and her Katana. Deadshot is a fun one, you get to wear a latex light up mask and some cool gauntlets. If however what you want is a more rugged outfit then Killer Croc is a perfect choice. Regardless of which of which one you prefer, this category has quite a few options.



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This is a fun one that can be portrayed in various ways, if in a group you can of course each pick a character to dress up as or if only a couple of you then one can be a ghost and the other a ghostbuster. The fun part about this costume is getting creative with the accessories, there are quite a few different ways in which your ghostbusting equipment can be displayed.

Halloween is a time of year in which children love dressing up and collecting treats and it provides an opportunity for adults to feel like kids again while dressing up and having fun. A lot of these costumes are already available to order online or maybe even at one of your local costume joints but even if you wanted to be spice things up, they can all easily be made at home, the key ingredient for this is creativity.

Netflix and Chill


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This one became popular last year and remains a top pick this year. It is very simple to put together and yet quite the crowd pleaser. This can be really cute on a child with a simple red Netflix shirt, black skirt, shorts or pants and a chill bucket of “popcorn” that can be used for collecting delicious sweet goodies. For couples one can wear the Netflix t-shirt and the other a chill t-shirt. Very simple yet everyone will know exactly what this costume is all about.

Halloween comes once a year and one of the most fun loving traditions associated with Halloween in donning on a fun and popular costume. This is a tradition that dates way back, before a Halloween party was called a Halloween party, they were originally known as masquerade parties and were more about the adults than the children. In the twentieth century Halloween costumes became more of a tradition, one that is still very popular today and loved by adults and children alike. Dressing up for Halloween does not have to be difficult or expensive, all it takes is a bit of creativity. We hoped you like our most popular Halloween costume ideas for 2016.

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